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Upon registering, College Apps will identify scholarship and financial aid opportunities based on personal, academic, and professional information collected in the onboarding questionnaire. Sample scholarship data for listed schools was last collected October 31, 2017

The College Apps Backpack Create Actionable Agendas

Add scholarships, prospective schools, and other to-dos to your Backpack. The Backpack pre-populates fields such as deadlines and allows you to create agendas to see how far along you are in the admissions process. Set personal deadlines and create reminders to help keep yourself in check and ahead of the curve.


Inspired by students who “simply felt lost” during the college application process, not knowing deadlines, and specific steps to take to apply for scholarships and schools.

Key Features

Create and Stick to Personal Deadlines

Get customized reminders via email and text message to stay on track and meet deadlines.

Curate Actionable Schedules

Import prospective colleges and scholarships and see breakdown of required action items.

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The College Apps Network
A College Social Network

The College Apps Network fills the gap between students and their prospective colleges. Students can view directories of students who attended their prospective schools and contact them to hear first-hand experiences. Admissions counselors can hold virtual sessions to answer questions from prospective students. Finally, students work in solidarity to motivate each other with the ability to see the progress of their peers and how they stack up.


Inspired by students who are the first in their families to attend college and do not know of any family members or peers to contact at their prospective schools. Students with lower incomes who attend lower performing schools in cities like Detroit are often looked over by admissions counselors who travel school to school.

Key Features

Admission Counselor Sessions

Admissions counselors can hold virtual sessions to answer any questions and provide more information to prospective students.

Local Peer Network

Opt to view the progress of other students by sharing your own. Stay motivated, see your relative progress, and find points of contact for other students applying to the same schools or programs locally.

Alumni Directory

Directory of alumni who are willing to be contacted with questions uploaded by authorized school representatives or volunteered manually.

Coming october 2018
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About The Mission

Words From Our Founder

My name is Yashar Ghaffarloo and I attend the #1 ranked school in the state of Michigan.

A 20 minute drive from the International Academy, however, brings you to the city of Detroit where some of the nation’s worst ranked learning facilities are located, ridden with mold, mice, and other safety hazards.

The expectation at International Academy from 9th grade is that students will graduate and attend college. At Detroit, Flint, and Hamtramck schools, however, the focus is on getting students out of the school and not into a further learning institution. While students at these schools qualify for scholarship, financial aid opportunities, and have access to other resources, they are of no use because these students do not have knowledge of them.

College guidance counselors are nonexistent, and, rather, counselors deal with triage of crisis such as violence, drug abuse, and homelessness, with no room for college guidance and planning a course of action after high school.

The recommended counselor workload from the ACA is 250:1, but the average in Michigan 717:1, the second highest in the nation. The idea of was inspired by meetings with students, teachers, and my counselor to identify pain points for students during the college application process and create a portal for students to identify financial aid opportunities that they may qualify for, but are unaware of, create actionable schedules to keep themselves in check, and learn more about their prospective schools with access to college guidance counselors and alum at their prospective schools on tap.

While is still in the works, I hope to have a usable platform in time for the application process for current juniors.

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